You ARE enough, and you have ALREADY DONE enough!

I heard a familiar and persistent theme in five conversations or Zoom gatherings about various topics over the past three weeks. Five different women, from five different countries, voiced often unvoiced-but-deeply-felt sentiments about being enough and doing enough …

… “I ask myself, ‘Have I done enough?’”
… “Since I was a little girl, I have felt like I was not enough.”
… “I know there is always more I can do. I just have to find the time.”
… “She has done so much to create change! I feel like I should be doing more, being more vocal, acting for change.”
… “No matter how much I do, I feel that I could do more.”

Sigh. In one of these conversations, I suggested the phrase, “I AM enough and I have ALREADY DONE enough.” It is a phrase that was born in the midst of my own frenzied efforts to “do more” about a situation into which I had poured hours and hours of thought, time, energy, and action. The phrase seemed to arrive out-of-the-blue and my first reaction was to dismiss it. Of course that was my first reaction – just as it would be YOUR first reaction.

Do we ever truly believe that we have done enough in any part of our lives where doing a lot seems the only way of demonstrating that we care deeply, that we are fully committed, and that we are “all in”? Somehow, the phrase refused to be dismissed, and it repeatedly came back into my mind. Then, I actually spoke it, in a whisper – “I am enough and I have already done enough.” I did not believe it was true, but I repeated the phrase over and over again. And finally, in that specific situation, I realized that it WAS true. My drive for a different and better outcome than the one that was actually (and inevitably) happening had frozen me in my belief that I could do even more to change that outcome. I could not.

So, I write this post today to remind you of these truths…

… You ARE enough!
… You have ALREADY DONE enough!
… You are ALL IN when you need to be, and then you can feel empowered to let go and step away.
… The very fact that you ever think “I am not enough” is a signal that YOU ARE MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH!

With all my heart, I invite you to recognize your amazingness, and to celebrate the one and only YOU! Truly, you are so much more than “enough”!

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