To The Bright Lights in The World… Including YOU!💫

Over the past two weeks, I have spoken with three of my dearest friends who, like so many other people now, are feeling “weighed down” by events in their country and in the world. What further complicates their situations is that these dear friends are people to whom others go when they need support and encouragement. In their unique way, these friends help others reconnect with the hope, strength, and optimism needed to continue helping their own organizations and communities become kinder, more caring, more compassionate places for all.

What happens when those who inspire us feel their own hope and optimism waning? What do they do? What do you do? I am writing this post for them, for you, and for me.

On any given day, even the most hopeful and optimistic of us can have moments of doubting our ability to make a difference. On our best days, they know that we can. They have their own ways of reconnecting with a fundamental belief that they are here for a reason and that, whatever that reason or purpose is, their efforts matter.

I am blessed to know many inspiring people whom I greatly respect and admire, and I watch them affect positive change in their families, their communities and, for some, their countries as well. And even these people have moments of self-doubt, or of wondering if in fact their efforts are the proverbial tiny drops in the enormous ocean of need. It is a common enough experience.

And so today, I write with the sole purpose of reminding YOU of how important you are, of how important everything you do is, of how big a difference you are making even, and perhaps especially, when you doubt the positive effect you have on others. You are courageous. You are inspiring. You are strong. And some days, you are tired… and perhaps a bit discouraged. When you feel discouraged, I hope this post can remind you of the truth of you, the amazingness of you, and the fact that no one anywhere, at any time, can make the unique and lasting difference that you alone can make.

You already know specific ways the to renew and restore your energy when you are tired or discouraged. In addition to the self-care practices that are already part of your daily or weekly routine, I suggest that you consider adding one or two of these…

… Choose to be as kind, compassionate, and loving with yourself as you are with others. This is always a great place to begin, and it is important to re-commit to this practice every day.

… Throughout the day, take a minute or two to stop whatever you are doing and look up… breathe deeply… and smile! Whether you are inside or outside, take a moment to raise your eyes and to think about one thing for which you are very grateful.

… Identify someone on whom you can count to encourage you when you are feeling down, and ask that person if they are willing to help you in this way.

… At some point each day, write down or type out a few things for which you are especially grateful that day.

… Remember that you ARE making a difference, that YOU are a bright light in this world and your light is seen and felt by many more people than you realize.

The world truly is a better place because you are here, and we are very grateful to you! SHINE ON!đź’«

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9 thoughts on “To The Bright Lights in The World… Including YOU!đź’«”

    1. You always have such timely reminders that uplift our spirits. Thanks for being a bright light Sharon… shine on.

  1. Thank you, Sharon!
    Just what I needed, when I needed it.
    I’ve started meditating after almost a year of hiatus.
    I am learning to reconnect with my inner self, which is taking care of myself.
    I’m learning to be patient with myself and taking the time to be quiet and sit.
    I’m learning how simple it is to meditate, if I just give myself the time.
    Thanks for your post!

  2. This is such an uplifting article, Sharon. When things feel a little heavy I forget to breathe deeply so this is a great reminder that you can find peace within yourself in just a few moments throughout the day

  3. Thank you so much , a times we get carried by everything happening around us and we forget who we are , it takes amazing souls like you to reminds us our worth. This will be my favorite affirmation to read to guide me on the path that makes me who am. Blessings

  4. Thank you Sharon. You’ve always been a bright light in my life, and when I see you
    It reminds me to pass the light you bring to my day to someone else!

  5. Thank you, Sharon, this comes at a much-needed and much-appreciated time. Very grateful for YOU and YOUR bright light!

  6. Wow Amazing Sharon, Thank YOU for truly seeing ALL of us. The carers and the cared for — there really is constant reciprocity. Sometimes I don’t know where one stops and the other begins. This post could not come at a better time — I imagine reserves are depleted amongst friends, communities, and collectives — it all makes me feel less alone. Your words, as ever, give us that inspiration to lift our heads again. Thank you with all my heart for being the the inspirer of the inspired — what a supreme blessing.

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