The New Year’s Resolution You Need in 2017

Most of us welcome a New Year and the opportunity to focus on what we love about our life and also on what could be better. New Year’s resolutions offer a tool to begin re-creating our life by defining and pursuing what we truly want and deserve. In some aspects of our life, all we need is a bit of fine-tuning, while other aspects may require major revamping.

Much has been written about how effective (or ineffective) New Year’s resolutions are, so I leave that topic for others to debate. Two things of which I am absolutely certain are that breaking old patterns can be liberating, and that resolutions can be a useful tool to support change in our lives.

So here is the New Year’s resolution that I know from experience has the potential to transform your life: “In 2017, I commit to taking loving care of myself each and every day.” It is important to note that there is a BIG difference between taking care of yourself (eating balanced meals, getting enough physical activity and enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, etc.) and the much higher bar of taking loving care of yourself. We cannot do our best in any aspect of our lives – family, relationships, career – if we are not taking loving care of ourselves.

There are many aspects of taking loving care of yourself. Among my favorites are:
– Checking in with yourself before you make a new commitment, confirming that you truly have the time, energy, and interest required to fulfill it;
– Saying “no” (or “no, thank you”) to friends, colleagues, or adult family members who demand a disproportionate amount of your time and with whom the giving/receiving ratio is very off-balance;
– Being at least as patient with yourself as you are with those you love;
– Loving your imperfections and recognizing that they make you uniquely and irresistibly YOU;
– Avoiding involvement in other people’s dramas;
– Spending time doing what you really want to do, rather than what others want and/or expect you to do;
– Walking away from relationships with people who do not love, support and encourage you AS YOU ARE
– Expressing love and gratitude to yourself at least as often as you express it to others

Your list may look very different from this one, and I hope you will share some of your thoughts in the comment section below. We can support each other in making 2017 our best year yet, and the commitment to taking loving care of ourselves is an excellent place to start.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “The New Year’s Resolution You Need in 2017”

  1. Hi Sharon –

    As usual such great wisdom from you, my friend. I love the way you’ve connected taking loving care of ourselves to how we spend our time and energy – which has a profound impact on our well-being, and also our impact in the world. I wanted to share with you what I recently have discovered as a good way to keep my new year resolutions. Here is the link:

    Wishing you all the very best for 2017!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your perspective, Henna. I read your post and love your insightful questions! My favorite is #7 -“Did I do my best to stay centered in the face of challenging situations?” I always appreciate your wisdom and practical guidance for becoming (and remaining) our authentic self, our true self.

      I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and for those you love. May it be your best year yet!

      With love and a big New Year’s hug,


  2. Happy New Year Sharon!
    My new year resolution is to be kind to myself. 2016 has a been a year of changes with a lot of unknown, discoveries and adjustment to new things, new life, new environment. Moving forward in 2017 I am looking for kindness and softness – de la douceur!!!

    1. Oui, Virginie, de la douceur en 2017!!! Thank you very much for your comment and for sharing your commitment to be kind to yourself in this New Year. Brava! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and for those you love. May it be your best year yet!

      With love and a big New Year’s hug,


    1. Thanks so much, Laura! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and for those you love. May it be your best year yet!

      With love and a big New Year’s hug,


  3. Sharon,
    You must have read my mind. This is exactly what my plan is for the year.

    Here’s to a great year.
    sending a warm hug your way,

    1. I love your plan, Kathy. Brava! Your hug was very gratefully received and is coming back your way.

      With love and another big New Year’s hug,


  4. Happy New Year to you, Sharon!

    Thanks for sharing, after a very self reflective 2016, I have exactly this same goal for 2017 🙂 One of the commitments to myself for this year is do what I love WITH ENTHUSIASM! I think before I would have said doing what I love without guilt, however I feel the change in wording to the more positive makes me feel I am already making progress!

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful year 🙂 I hope you are keeping well.

    1. Happy New Year, Christine! I love your commitment to do what you love WITH ENTHUSIASM! Truly awesome. And such an important insight to frame your commitment in a positive way. Congratulations on celebrating your progress along the way!

      With love and a big New Year’s hug,


  5. Happy New Year Sharon! Yes, yes, and yes. I couldn’t love what you’re writing more. So true and definitely the best commitments to make this year.

    Take care and lots of love,
    P.S. Looking forward to being in touch lots this year – doing what we love.

    1. So wonderful to hear from you, Julia! Thank you vey much for taking the time to comments and yes, I am looking forward to working with you and so many others committed to the empowerment of women & girls everywhere.

      With much love and a big New Year’s hug,


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