Training Wheels

I am grateful for every lesson on my path to empowerment, and for the past week I have been especially grateful to a joyful 4-year-old girl (I am guessing her age). Last weekend, in a long neighborhood walk, we saw a few individuals and families out for walks and bike rides, away from the work-from-home, school-at-home, video-conference-from home experiences that fill our weekdays now.

I heard that little girl before I saw her across the street from the sidewalk where we walked. She was riding a small, blue bicycle with training wheels, peddling fast and determinedly. Her voice was full of joy and pride and confidence as she yelled to her father, who was riding a few feet behind her, “It’s easy with these wheels! I’m not afraid of anything, Daddy.” I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING! I not only heard her words, I felt them deep inside me, and as I type this post this little girl’s proclamation still brings tears to my eyes. I can hear the joy, the exhilaration, the accomplishment in her voice and I feel uplifted and inspired.

The path to empowerment is full of inspiration, lessons, new insights, and new experiences of our own and of others. I smile at the thought that I have often needed “training wheels” before feeling and connecting with my power, and so very often it is others who have generously inspired, uplifted and encouraged me by offering their training wheels to me. How grateful I am to them all!

Today, I join that powerful little girl in proclaiming, “I am not afraid of anything.”

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9 thoughts on “Training Wheels”

  1. What a great story! It is tough to find inspiration these days. I applaud you finding it and sharing it. Thank you. Stay well.

  2. Alexandra Hernandez

    Dear Sharon, I loved your SSS post … Simple, Sweet and Smart! This is a great declaration for every day of our lives: “I’m not afraid of anything”. Lots of love dear friend 🙂

  3. Love that Sharon, we get messages of inspiration when we least ( and most) expect them. Thank you for this!

  4. I am not afraid of anything! Let’s all make this our mantra and together our light will dissolve the clouds of fear. Sharon, thank you for rallying us with such a simple statement.

  5. My favorite ‘Life’ moments are when I am aware that I am using and enjoying the training wheels in my life, followed by the exhilaration of letting go!

  6. Kristen Ali Eglinton

    This gave me so much strength tonight! I could feel her power from here — what an inspiring and precious gem this story is — I will keep it close, with so much gratitude to you for witnessing and sharing so compassionately dear Sharon xo

  7. I love this story, it is simple yet deep. How many of us had gone and endure hard moments with
    or without training wheels and still saying “I am not afraid of anything” what a powerful sentence.
    The lesson here is that we all need “Support” to conquer our fears.
    Dear Sharon, thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

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