New Valentine’s Day Traditions

We celebrate Valentine’s Day by telling others how much we love them, and it is a wonderful tradition. We want people to know how much they mean to us, how much we love and appreciate them. This year, in the flurry of red hearts, flowers and (for some of us) chocolate, we have the opportunity to rethink this holiday that celebrates love.

Here are two suggestions that may make this Valentine’s Day your best in years, and maybe even establish a new tradition.

First, find time to write a Valentine letter to yourself. Yes, an old-fashioned, straight-from-the-heart, “love letter” to you! Please don’t laugh – this is a real suggestion. As you compose the letter, try not to filter what you write or type. No one but you will read it, so be effusive in expressing your love for who you are, for what you do, and for the unique qualities that make you the amazing person you are.

Second, make a date with yourself to celebrate Valentine’s Day sometime over the next four weeks. Plan something that you love to do but for which you rarely (if ever) find time, even if it is just for an hour or two. Pick anything that would feel special to you – a walk in nature, reading a book while sipping a coffee or hot chocolate, listening to your favorite playlist all the way through, hiking, singing, dancing, drawing, baking – whatever you love to do. Make this Valentine “date” a high priority and stick to your commitment to do this special something just for YOU. You deserve it.

This week, as you send Valentine messages of love, affection and admiration to people in your life, put yourself at the top of the list.

Sending a hug and wishing you a happy, loving Valentine’s Day!

14 thoughts on “New Valentine’s Day Traditions”

  1. Love your suggestions, I will be sure to write a love letter to myself and I will be sure to schedule a date with me, myself and I!! Thank you for encouraging me to take time to get to know myself better, appreciate me, and celebrate me by doing something for only me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, and here is a big hug to you! Enjoy the beautiful sunny day today.


    PS – wishing you a Happy New Year of the Snake!!

    1. Big thanks for your comment, Ann, and for the big hug. I am always grateful for both. And yes, it is Chinese New Year, so another reason to celebrate this week.



  2. Hi Sharon –

    What a great reminder. I will surely follow-through. Being able to accept and love ourselves as we are NOW is such a huge step in expressing our authenticity as leaders. Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s day. Thanks for making a difference in so many women’s lives.


    1. Henna, thank you for your comments and for the difference YOU make in helping women (and men) understand authentic leadership.

      Sending another hug,


  3. Once again, your words come at just the right moment. I will go on a date with myself this year! All the best and THANK YOU for this terrific page.

  4. Sharon, I was thinking what I need to prepare for my hubby, family and friends not for me.
    Of course, I have never thought that this is the day for me.
    I will definitely follow your advice to treat myself better this year than ever.
    Thanks for sending great notes and wish you best Valentine’s day.
    From very cold country

  5. Dear Sharon,
    I just loved it! Your blog is perfectly in sync with my 2013 resolution to rediscover myself. I feel excited with the idea of asking the girl that is inside of me what she loves to do and what she would like to receive.
    Congratulations in the first year of having launched this website. For sure it has been a blessing in many women’s lives.
    Big hugs, Alex

    1. Thanks very much for your comment, Alex. I love your resolution to “rediscover” yourself and your insight into the little girl within. It sounds like 2013 is off to a great start for you. Sending another big hug and wish for a love-filled Valentine’s Day.

  6. Sharon,
    I really appreciate your reminders to take care of ourselves. Too often we don’t take the time to invest in our own well-being, recognizing that THIS is the key to ensuring those around us will benefit from our own inner peace. !

    1. Thanks for the comment and for the reminder to “invest in our own well-being” and that this helps us help others. Very good point!

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ll definitly do that! The love letter is a premiere for me. It will require some solid ‘let it go’ thing…
    Big hug from Europe

    1. Yes, Virginie, letting it go is good for all of us! Thanks for comment and for the big hug — sending one right back to you.

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