A Moment Just for You

2015 was not off to the start I had imagined. Illnesses, slips and falls, and other life challenges faced by family and close friends in the first two months of the year had left me feeling a bit frayed at the edges. In the midst of the various “pulls” in my life, I had planned a quick dinner with two wonderful women whom I do not see as often as I would like. The drive to meet them was thankfully uneventful and even though it was a very cold evening I parked the car several blocks from the restaurant, convinced that the walk would be good for me.

I arrived at the restaurant ten minutes early and ordered a cup of tea to warm and settle myself. As the kind waiter walk away from the table, I reflexively reached for my phone to spend a few moments texting, tweeting, or checking e-mail. But then I stopped. I heard my inner-voice whisper, “Just be.”

So I dropped the phone into my bag and closed my eyes. Several deep breaths later, the waiter delivered the tea. Most of us have read about (or at least heard about) mindfulness and present-moment awareness. In that particular moment, without consciously thinking about the benefits, I chose to be mindful. I slowly poured the tea from a small white pot and noticed the color of the liquid deepen as the cup filled. Stirring honey into the tea, I watched it swirl and dissolve. When was the last time I had noticed that? Had I ever really watched honey dissolve in tea? I wrapped my hands around the cup to warm them, and closed my eyes again. The first sip of tea was deliciously sweet and soothing, as were the next and the next. I noticed that my breathing had slowed, that the stress of the day and week was literally melting away, and that I was grateful for these moments of quiet.

When my friends arrived, I was so happy to see them, to hear their stories and catch up with their lives. In the weeks since that evening, I have been grateful for them and for all of the people I love, and I have thought many times about the experience of that cup of tea. I now remind myself often to stop and notice the experiences of every day life. I no longer feel compelled to keep my cell phone at hand, choosing to sometimes put “on hold” the various responsibilities and tasks it allows me to handle in any free moment.

There’s much to be said for the benefits of looking up at the sky and noticing the morphing shapes of clouds, or watching a child walking hand-in-hand with her mom, or listening to a bird’s song. Each moment is overflowing with experiences that are ours to savor or ignore. They can help us reconnect with ourselves and remind us of our connection with all of life. The choice is ours.

14 thoughts on “A Moment Just for You”

  1. So true. My favorite line: “Each moment is overflowing with experiences that are ours to savor or ignore.” Reminds me of advice I was given by a colleague just before my first child was born. He told me to be present all the time. That the first six weeks of my baby’s life was full of miracles, and not to wish that time away because then I’d miss the miracles. I’m so glad for that advice. I cherish those memories, especially now that my kids are teenagers!

    1. Thanks very much for sharing this experience and advice, Mala. A wonderful reminder that miracles are happening every day, whether we notice them or not.

      Sending love and a big, big hug!


  2. Joan Casalvieri

    Thanks for the reminder Sharon. It came at a good time. I am heading to Florida now to visit my son and his new wife. I will put the phone and computer away and savor every minute with them.

    1. Many thanks for the comment, Joan. I hope you have a wonderful trip and fun visit with your son and his new wife. Yes, a perfect opportunity to savor every moment.

      Sending a very big hug,


  3. Beautiful, Sharon! I love this reminder of being truly present and open to the gifts available to us in each and every moment!

  4. Ahhhhh! Loved how you’ve coined this as “just be” momments and realize all too often how the conversations in that smaller screen pulls you aways from the most important one, the one right in front of you.

    1. Pamela, thanks very much for taking the time to comment. Love the way you captured the idea of the what is right in front of us at any given moment.

      Sending much love and a big hug,


  5. Sharon,

    How appropriate that I open and read this posting today! I just finished a conversation with a very good friend that despite being retired for over a year I still struggle with making the transition from most every moment filled of my day being filled with obligations and responsibilities of one kind or another to just sitting and enjoying the moment, reading a book, do nothing – it drives her nuts! I can’t seem to shake the need to be “productive” and “purposeful” every moment of the day. Although I am getting better… spending so much time with my granddaughters is helping me to appreciate the little things and be more in the moment- don’t want to miss anything they do! This posting reminds me to try harder ….. because experiences over the past year have taught me that life is too short not to

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your feelings and experiences with us, Denise. We all have so much to learn from each other, and some lessons take longer to learn than we might hope. I encourage you to be patient with yourself and to try to do at least one loving thing for yourself each day.

      With love & a very big hug,


  6. Sharon thank you for sharing and reminding me that it really is about the sweet moments in life and not the rough mountains. Time to be still and know that what matters most is the peace and joy to be alive and live in the moments given to each one of us! Connection with my true inner self empowers me to see and hear how beautiful the moment truly is. God is with us and peace shows up in an amazing way! Thank you for being you!!! Yes a moment just for Me!
    May God’s blessings continue to be with you & all the women in this circle!!

    1. Wanda, thank you so very much for taking the time to comment and provide this valued perspective. I love your expression “the sweet moments in life” because it is a wonderful reminder that there are many such moments each and every day.

      With love, thanks and a very big hug,


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