Celebrating the amazing woman you are – a journey of joy, self-discovery, and self-love…

Women are truly amazing, handling many exciting and challenging roles throughout their lives.

Yet many of us are searching for peace or joy or comfort or happiness or calm or something we cannot name, and our search is carried out while we navigate through family, relationships, motherhood, daughterhood, career, and all of the other aspects of living life as a woman.

We can help each other on this journey because each of us has had experiences that have forced us to re-examine our life, our priorities, and how we get our needs met while investing much of our time meeting the needs of others.

Awakening Your True Self launched with two goals. First, I hope to remind women of their amazingness, to help them remember how truly amazing they are. The second goal is build a virtual community of women who are willing to share and support each other on their path to joy and self-love.

What can you do? If you discovered this website, I am certain that you have something to add. I invite you to add your thoughts and comments because you have a valuable perspective to share.  And if you are willing to share your story, please visit our sister site, SayItForward.org, and share one of your experiences on the road to empowerment.

Welcome and thanks to all!