My Journey

Like every woman, I have had many roles in my life -- daughter, sister, aunt, friend, companion, student, teacher, colleague, and executive. As a student of mediation and self-discovery for several years, I am happier than I have been since I was a small child and am committed to helping others live a life full of many, many things but especially full of love, gratitude, joy, peace, self-appreciation and self-love.

sharonA number of years ago I began inviting small groups of women to my home, women whom I have known for a long time, some of them former colleagues and all of them dear friends. These gatherings were often followed by requests from some of these women, asking if I would be willing to speak with a friend of theirs, a woman who was “going through a challenging time.” What these women were really doing was searching. “Searching for what?” you might ask. Searching for something — for happiness or calm or inner-peace or joy or comfort or something they could not name but that they were sure they did not have.

Many conversations later, I realized that there was more that I could do. While every woman’s journey is different, there are many similarities in the way that women navigate through life, motherhood, daughterhood, career, marriage, divorce, illness and the myriad aspects of living life as a woman. I asked myself how I could support women in their search for what I have come to believe is their lost joy, the part of them that was once front and center and is now buried beneath all of the caring that they do for others. (click on the BLOG tab for more about Rediscovering Joy). So I decided to do three things…

First, find a place bigger than my living room in which woman could gather — a safe, supportive place for them to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-love. For several years, these monthly gatherings provided women an opportunity to explore their thoughts in a gently guided time of individual reflection and introspection. Now, Women’s Circles happen wherever a group of women want to gather and devote a couple of hours to self-appreciation and self-discovery. I am happy to facilitate a Women’s Circle if you have a group of friends who would find the experience helpful.

Second, and much more challenging, launch a website where women could share their comments and advice, helping themselves and others in their search for who they truly are. This site launched on Valentine’s Day 2012. I chose this day when so much of our attention goes out to those we love, with little consideration for what we can to to also love ourselves.

Third, blog about topics that may help others on their life’s journey, and whenever I am invited to speak to women (and men) about any topic, also speak about how they can take better care of themselves, and how loving and respecting themselves is the best place to begin. Even when we are responsible for caring for others, we must take loving care of ourselves as well.

It's 2019 and I smile in acknowledging the seventh anniversary of this website and invite you to join the celebration of women and their search for joy, self-discovery, and self-love.

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