Women’s Circles

A Women’s Circle is a safe, supportive place for women to accelerate their journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-love.

Remembering Who You Are

Most of the women I know rarely carve out time for themselves – time to explore their thoughts and feelings without interruption. Many of us lead busy (even hectic) lives and spend much of our time and energy working, meeting deadlines, and taking care of others.

I first started Women’s Circles in my home many years ago and then, for several years, hosted and led monthly Women’s Circles at Music Together in Hopewell NJ. The goal was to create a safe, quiet space where women could gather for a few hours of personal reflection and introspection. After one of these gatherings, a woman said to me, “I need to reconnect and rebalance my life and the Women’s Circle has gotten the process started for me. The questions and especially the closing exercise were perfect for where I am at this time!!”

In an Awakening Your True Self Women’s Circle, a participant’s time is spent writing brief answers to a series of questions that are meant to help her reconnect with herself, to rediscover the many things she loves about herself, and to remember ways to take better, loving care of herself.  The questions are tailored for each Women’s Circle, and they are always focused on self-discovery and on helping each woman reconnect to her amazingness.

At no time is any woman asked to share her insights, thoughts or feelings with anyone else in the Women’s Circle. This is time for personal reflection, time just for her.

My approach to scheduling these gatherings has changed. I now work with individual women who want me to lead a Women’s Circle for a group of their friends or colleagues. If you have an interest in this approach, please contact me at Sharon@AwakeningYourTrueSelf.com